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According to Ellen Hoffman, despite the recent negative economic reports, the current market for attorneys is still strong in both law firms and corporations, especially in the areas of corporate, patent, real estate, and commercial litigation. With the dot.com shakeout, in-house positions with start-ups have quieted down, although large and medium-sized corporations in various fields are actively looking.

First year salaries at most of the major N.Y.C., Boston, and D.C. firms have held steady at approximately $125k plus bonus. As of the beginning of 2001, current first year salaries at most of the major Connecticut firms increased significantly, with some firms now paying first year associates as high as approximately $85k-$90k plus bonus in Hartford and New Haven, and $95k-$100k plus bonus in Stamford. In addition, first year salaries in Stamford satellites are generally keeping pace with their New York offices.


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